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Privacy policy

Summary privacy and security

Effective Date: Sept. 29, 2022 is authored in Hugo, a static-site generator with a strong position on privacy. does not set cookies or otherwise track you with analytics.

We do not provide opt-out mechanisms for GDPR, CalOPPA or PIPEDA as nothing is being collected. is hosted on GitHub. While we do not have access to web logs about visitors, GitHub does. These logs might include information such as your reported IP address, date and times of access, and pages viewed. If you are concerned about this data, consider using a VPN.

When third-party social media is embedded (such as YouTube or Twitter) we use Hugo’s “simple” and “do not track” options, although some forms of tracking from these networks may still slip through. See the next section for options on blocking these sites.

If you click on social media icons to share content from this site or follow, you may be tracked by these services as well. uses Buttondown for the email updates newsletter. We do not include tracking codes or pixels in these emails. You can also track updates to the blog with RSS, Atom, or JF2 (JSON) feeds.

If third-party tracking concerns you, we recommend uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, and Firefox’s Facebook Container to restrict or completely block what these third parties are able to collect about you. To see what trackers see about you, check out the EFF’s Cover Your Tracks project.

For even more thorough privacy options, the EFF’s Surveillance Self Defense guide is an invaluable resource.

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