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A world-class frontend track at Drupalcon Portland


For the first time at a Drupalcon, we're having separate frontend and user experience (UX) tracks!

The big news at Drupalcon Portland is that, for the first time at a Drupalcon, we’re having separate frontend and user experience (UX) tracks. That means we were able to offer even more sessions targeted directly at frontend developers, and as the local track chair for frontend, I’m really excited about what we’ve ended up with!

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First and foremost, of course, we have Jonathan Snook presenting on his concept (and book) Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS.

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SMACSS has had a big impact on a lot of frontend developers and themers – and in fact it’s had a huge impact on Drupal itself. The Zen base theme, the most-downloaded Drupal theme out there, has adopted a SMACSS approach.

And Drupal itself is moving toward SMACSS with a re-organization of its CSS in the upcoming Drupal 8 release.

Join Jonathan Snook at Drupalcon Portland on Tuesday, May 21 at 4:30 PM.

Oh yeah, so there’s this new version of Drupal coming out pretty soon.

Among the many, many awesome things happening with Drupal 8, one of the most relevant to frontend developers is the adoption (with a little luck) of the Twig templating engine.

Twig, a component of Symfony – a framework being adopted by Drupal 8 – will enable themers to write much cleaner (and safer!) code, and enable module developers to simplify the theming components of their modules.

No joke, at the BADCamp 2012 Twig session, there were literally gasps in the audience as we all saw how cool it was. If you’re a themer or a frontend developer, don’t miss this!

Join Jen Lampton, Fabian Franz and John Albin Wilkins presenting Twig on Wednesday, May 22 at 3:45 PM.

I’ve just touched on two of the featured sessions at Drupalcon Portland. In the coming week I’ll be posting more about some of the other sessions, but you can browse the frontend sessions right now and start planning to attend your favorites! (Don’t forget the User Experience sessions too.)

And if you don’t yet have your ticket to Drupalcon Portland, there’s still time! Grab your ticket by this Friday and save $50 off the on-site ticket price.

I can’t wait to see everyone here in Portland!

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