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NetSquared Conference Year Three
NetSquared project interviews and session notes


Some really incredible presentations here at the NetSquared conference, both from featured projects and individual speakers.

Some really incredible presentations here at the NetSquared conference, both from featured projects and individual speakers. Seth Horwitz and I are busily collecting information for next Tuesday’s Philly NetSquared event.

View photo from the conference.

Interview with Abram Stern, Metavid community video archive project. “Metavid makes over a thousand hours of public domain US House and Senate floor footage available. Enables participants to search who said what when, blog clips, improve transcripts and edit sequences.”

Video interview with Abram Stern.

Interview with Erik Hersman, Ushadidi mapping reports of post-election violence in Kenya. “Ushahidi is a conflict mapping and visualization tool first used to report incidents of violence (and peace) happening in post-election Kenya via SMS, email and the web.”

Interview with Erik Hersman, Ushahidi ::align-right
Video interview with Erik Hersman.

Interview with Janessa Goldbeck, Genocide Intervention Network anti-genocide action tracker developed by Ivan Boothe. “The Anti-Genocide Action Tracker will empower activists with the tools to end genocide by alerting them to pending anti-genocide legislation their state governments or elected representatives can play key roles in passing.”

Video interview with Janessa Goldbeck.

Interview with Melinda Wittstock, Capitol News Connection ask your lawmaker. “Ask your lawmaker a question and CNC reporters get it answered: you listen and share via ‘grabbable’ widgets customizable by issue/location for Congress, state capitols and town halls with social networking and APIs.”

Video interview with Melinda Wittstock.

More photos:, NetSquared conference schwag, Genocide Intervention Network

Those working on building websites may be interested in the write up of Building a Community Network with Plone by Steve McMahon. “Steve is a Plone consultant and integrator specializing in non-profit organizations and is also the Web Team Chair at the Davis Community Network (a 501c3), an organization that promotes the use of Internet technologies for local and regional community building. He’s going to share with us how Plone can be used for sites large and small, and about how Plone can be used to build and used to serve for a geographic community.”

Meanwhile, Benji Burrell of delivered a presentation about their online advocacy, including an innovative zip code lookup feature, a nice mashup of legislative data from Democracy in Action, a great action map implementation of the open-source ForwardTrack software, and embeddable widgets created through Sprout Builder.

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