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About Ivan Boothe &


I'm into frontend engineering (especially back-of-the-frontend), creative social protest and radical nonviolent praxis. These things go together more than you think.

Progress Pride flag by Daniel QuasarBlack Lives Matter ✊🏽 Trans Rights Are Human Rights ⛺ Houseless Neighbors Deserve Dignity

US-Pacific ☙ Tsinuk (Multnomah) & Cowlitz lands ☙ Portland, OR

  • Premail, an easy-to-use component-based build system for MJML, the email templating language, with Handlebars templating, Sass styles, and extra options.
  • GET: Gulp, ES6, Tailwind, a kickstart template for modern TailwindCSS development.
  • Hugo Module Site, an example of how to use Hugo Modules in your Hugo site.
  • rootwork/bash-scripts, helpful tools for image management, video manipulation, and image/video conversion.
  • Responsive Tables Builder, a tool for creating mobile-first, accessible, responsive HTML data tables from data files, with CSS and without JS.
  • Radical Icons, reusable SVG and PNG images for activist art and organizing.
  • I’ve also been active in Drupal (especially nonprofit and community-oriented Drupal) since 2005. Find me at

Also moderately experienced with bash scripting (and zsh), Tailwind CSS, SVGs and animation, Composer, CiviCRM, and using Linux in day-to-day work and development.

Technology is a means to an end, and shiny tech is not always the best means.

I’ve worked as a human rights advocate, a community organizer, and a nonprofit communications manager. I’ve been on the board of a justice studies association, helped nominate people for the Nobel Peace Prize, wrote about third-party nonviolent intervention and used electronic civil disobedience to fight insecure voting systems.

Really all my technological expertise and interest stems from those larger objectives for social change.

I’m also active in 🚲 re-thinking urban spaces, 🥕 local food cooperatives, and 🔔 semi-professional handbell performance.