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Rootwork Powers Long-Term Movements for Social Change

Request a Quote Rootwork specializes in social change organizations, and we develop custom solutions for nonprofits and grassroots groups — not simply an adapted version of commercial website templates.

  1. The websites we build
  2. Using social networks
  3. Creating online movements

We want your staff to be able to communicate with your supporters, engage them in social change and build a lasting movement, long after our contract with you has ended. Rootwork’s creative director is Ivan Boothe, whose long experience not only as a web designer but also as a social change agent will give significant benefits to your project.

Rootwork has an extensive background in helping to build an “identity of social change” for nonprofit supporters

In each case, the key to deepening supporters’ activism was to give them a voice — to ask for their input, stories and ideas, and then to prominently feature those voices within the campaigns.

For some nonprofits, this can be a nerve-wracking prospect. The idea of giving up total message control might seem like a leap into the void, but the return can be immense. Social change activists and nonprofit supporters who are empowered and encouraged to speak in their own voice are exponentially more likely to bring their friends and family into the movement.

When supporters know that their participation is valued — not as a name on a mailing list or a cog in a fundraising ATM, but as partners in social change — their involvement will be deeper, last longer and ultimately be more sustainable for your organization and your goals for social change.

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