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Rootwork: Our Services and Strategy

Rootwork is about empowering social change. We focus on strategizing with nonprofits, community groups and individuals about equipping their supporters with effective tools and building a vibrant movement for change. See what we’ve done for others.

Built for Nonprofits

Request a Quote We build engaging, supporter-focused websites that showcase the passion of your movement. Moreover, we build websites your staff can use, without relying on technical consultants or complicated proprietary software, allowing you to quickly update your websites with the latest information. All of our web development is done in open-source systems, meaning you’re not “locked in” to us or anyone else in the future. We want your staff to be able to communicate with your supporters, engage them in social change and build a lasting movement — long after our contract with you has ended.

Built to further your mission

We empower your supporters with “real-world” action to increase both reach and impact. We work through social networks — like FacebookFacebook is a social network encouraging real identity — each user has a single account under their full, real name. Facebook began among US college students but has quickly expanded to people of all ages around the world. and TwitterTwitter is a social network built around short status updates — a combination of microblogging and instant messaging, with the ability to post from mobile phones through text messages. — and utilize social media — like YouTubeYouTube is a social network built around video content: posting, sharing, rating and commenting. and FlickrFlickr is a social media site for photographs and digital images. Like a social network, it allows users to “friend” one another, join groups, and see a recent-updates feed of their own and their friends’ images. Flickr is owned by Yahoo!. — to meet your supporters where they are and engage them in the practice of social change. We help you execute a coordinated strategy for advocacy and fundraising that draws on the power of your network of supporters.

Built for social change

Finally, we strategize with you about how online action will help you build a long-term community for social change. When we say “grassroots networks from the bottom up,” we mean creating ways for your supporters to speak in their own voice about their passion and your cause.

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