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Rootwork Empowers Your Supporters with Tools for Social Change

Request a Quote Beyond a website upgrade or redesign alone, Rootwork will help your organization strategize around how to use the power of your network of supporters. We have developed and implemented numerous social networking and social media campaigns designed to support nonprofits’ advocacy, fundraising and community-building initiatives.

  1. The websites we build
  2. Using social networks
  3. Creating online movements

Building momentum and support through the use of social networks

Rootwork designed and implemented the online presence of the Genocide Intervention Network from its founding, continually refining the approach to further its mission to empower individuals with the tools to prevent and stop genocide. Despite its small size, GI-Net quickly built a strong membership base through its highly-visible and innovative use of online social networks.

Rootwork launched a social network presence for the grassroots organization Casino-Free Philadelphia on FacebookFacebook is a social network encouraging real identity — each user has a single account under their full, real name. Facebook began among US college students but has quickly expanded to people of all ages around the world., MySpaceMySpace is a social network that is not built around a single identity. Users can and do have multiple profiles, with no restrictions on the “names” they use. MySpace is used by many musical groups. and TwitterTwitter is a social network built around short status updates — a combination of microblogging and instant messaging, with the ability to post from mobile phones through text messages., helping grow both its audience and commitment from existing supporters.

Through the use of social networking, these organizations’ membership expanded significantly, and supporters were able to interact with the organization to a much larger degree — building loyalty and contributing to “real-world” commitment in the form of attendance at actions and online donations. Most critically, using social networks strategically helped these organizations build an “identity” among their supporters — that they were part of a vibrant social change movement.

Building commitment through participation on your own website

Engaging your supporters isn’t limited to social networks alone, and Rootwork regularly integrates features into the websites it builds to allow your members to feel more connected to your cause.

Rootwork developed several tools for the Genocide Intervention Network that centered on giving members “actionable information” to assist in their own grassroots organizing. The first such tool was the legislative scorecard website DarfurScores.org, built from the ground-up to allow staff to easily update every federal legislator’s record on genocide issues.

Rootwork redesigned Casino-Free Philadelphia’s website from the ground-up, adding several engaging features that helped keep supporters both more informed and more engaged.

Casino-Free Philadelphia’s website was also integrated with the Democracy in Action suite, allowing for customized donation forms, automated email signups, volunteer registration and a merchandise store.

In 2008, Rootwork created the campaign website AskTheCandidates.org for the Genocide Intervention Network. This website enabled several “user-generated content” campaigns, in which supporters contributed their own writing, photos and videos through contests and other programs.

One of the key parts to an effective social change website is supporter involvement. Your organization will draw supporters to your website through timely information like blogs, news and action alerts, but the site will bring people back when it gives them an ability to contribute and feel a part of a community. Depending on your group’s specific needs and objectives, many options for supporter engagement are available.

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