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Using social news sites to promote advocacy campaigns

Beth is talking about the Genocide Intervention Network’s use of Collactive, a software plug-in that helps automate some types of social news and social media advocacy campaigns. Collactive features GI-NET as a case study for promoting buried news and mobilizing members. The key thing to remember is that this was an easy, tangible campaign for our supporters to participate in — “get this important news more attention!” — and that even if we hadn’t been successful it would have been an effective method for engaging our members.

When you’re aiming for a huge goal like stopping genocide, it’s important to give supporters those small victories!

From Beth Kanter, 8 July 2007:

I’m also highlighting this because it is a terrific example of using social news sites like Digg and Reddit to promote a cause … I had (wrongly) assumed that getting to the top of social news sites was a matter of dumb luck or that if something went viral. But there’s strategy involved and a tool to help you execute it.