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EchoRadio: Have a hand in stopping genocide

From EchoRadio, with host Michael Silberman, 26 April 2006:

This weekend, tens of thousands of Americans will rally in front of
the U.S. Capitol — and in dozens of other cities across the country — to
send the message to Congress that it’s time for America to step up and
help end the systematic slaughter of more than 400,000 civilians in

Yesterday, we caught up with two dynamic leaders at the forefront of this movement — Mark Hanis and Ivan Boothe of the Genocide Intervention Network
(GI-Net). Hear how GI-Net is using technology to rapidly mobilize
hundreds of campus leaders and thousands of college and university
students across the country.

And find out why celebs like Nick Kristof, Angelina Jolie, and Oprah are all asking their their audiences to head over to GI-Net to take action.