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Posts about Nonprofit Technology

Nonprofit Technology includes articles on innovative uses of web campaigns, nonprofit software and integration across advocacy, social networks and fundraising; mobile/cell phone and texting/SMS activism; and Second Life and organizing in virtual worlds.

16 August 2008

TechSoup is a nonprofit that helps other nonprofits in the United States and Canada acquire deeply-discounted software and online services. Microsoft Office for $16? Adobe InDesign for $60? FlickrFlickr is a social media site for photographs and digital images. Like a social network, it allows users to “friend” one another, join groups, and see a recent-updates feed of their own and their friends’ images. Flickr is owned by Yahoo!. accounts for $3/year? It’s all in TechSoup’s stock.

Additionally, TechSoup has a vibrant forum community and blog postings relating to the use of technology by nonprofits.

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