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Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) used for many complex nonprofit sites. Other examples of CMSes include WordPress, Joomla! and Plone.

29 April 2014

Devsigner is celebrating the cross-overs, the multi-disciplinarians, the coders who paint and the designers who send pull requests — and those who want to develop some new left-right brain skills.

We’re looking for folks to break out of their familiar meetup silos and apply their knowledge across the crafts of development and design.

Join me at Devsigner in Portland, Oregon, May 23-25!<

16 May 2013

A new theming engine, Twig<, is coming along with DrupalDrupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) used for many complex nonprofit sites. Other examples of CMSes include WordPress, Joomla! and Plone. 8’s adoption of the Symfony framework. And it’s downright magical.

Instead of having theme functions that have to be overridden, everything becomes an (easy to read, easy to modify) template. Instead of having to figure out render arrays, themers can use consistent template variables. And instead of having insecure output, Twig sanitizes everything by default.

16 May 2013

Drupal is getting a switchboard operator. Module developers will be able to pass a string to a method called “announce” on the Drupal object and have that string read by a screen reader.

“Drupal 8 will be the most accessible version of Drupal yet,” declare J. Renée Beach and Wim Leers in their Drupalcon Portland session description<. When I spoke with J. Renée about Drupal 8 and the nature of working on accessibility, the passion for this work really shown through.

14 May 2013

Dale Sande< captures the revolution in efficiency that SASS brings, as seen in a screenshot from his upcoming presentation at Drupalcon Portland<. Dale, who’s spoken plenty on SASS< and organizes the Seattle SASS meetup<, is taking us way past the SASS basics like variables, and that’s why I’m excited to see his presentation next week.

I spoke with Dale about SASS, object-oriented CSS and some the things he’ll be covering at Drupalcon. Be sure to join me at his session, “Sass: OO’S’CSS w/Extends and Silent Placeholders,” on Wednesday at 2:15 PM!<

13 May 2013

The big news at Drupalcon Portland is that, for the first time at a Drupalcon, we’re having separate frontend< and user experience (UX)< tracks. That means we were able to offer even more sessions targeted directly at frontend developers, and as the local track chair for frontend, I’m really excited about what we’ve ended up with!

27 February 2013

Tomorrow at 1PM Eastern/10AM Pacific, Johanna Bates< and I will be co-hosting the monthly Nonprofit Drupal Community of Practice discussion and Q&A call.

This is a free conference call, sponsored by the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) but open to anyone. Please join us!<

15 February 2013

As the local track chair for the frontend track, I’m posting this to encourage any last-minute session proposals bouncing around in your head to get typed out and proposed today.

That’s right: Today’s the Portland Drupalcon session proposal deadline. Submit your proposal now!<

(And yes, nonprofit and nonprofit developer friends, there’s an NGO track too<.)

20 January 2009

Soapblox helps set up hosting and put a friendly face on a somewhat complicated piece of software. But there are hundreds of people working on Drupal that aren’t in any way connected to open-source hosts Bryght, Acquia or May First — and that’s something that all of their customers benefit from: new features, continually-upgraded plugins and security fixes. Even if Bryght/Acquia/May First went out of business tomorrow, virtually all of its customers could find another vendor to take their system completely intact and get them up and running in an hour or two.

1 January 2008

In return for NetSquaredNetSquared is an organization “remixing the web for social change” by bringing together nonprofits, activists, techies, social entrepreneurs and funders. These articles deal with using social technology for social change.’s generosity, I wanted to post some tips for nonprofits thinking about using Drupal for their sites — when to use it and when not to use it, as well as a few useful tidbits from a recent workshop.

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