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Hundreds Gather for Social Change Tech at NetSquared Year Three

The NetSquared Year Three< conference has gotten off to a great start: nonprofit staffers, activists, techies and funders gathering to talk about — and award some money to — using technology for social change.

NetSquared Year 3 attendees

There have been a couple of blog entries focusing on two of the featured projects<, KnowMore.org and the Genocide Intervention Network.

KnowMore.org’s proposal is a Firefox extension that just launched, as described in the blog<:

The extension itself acts as a simple lens through which to experience the web, a lens that brings into focus the business and political practices of corporations that you purchase from. How it works is fantastically simple: When you go to a website, Firefox displays a notification bar at the top of the page, for corporations that have business practices that you might be concerned about, as well as a link to read more. The extension also displays visual notifications in search engine results, marking links to corporations of concern.

The Genocide Intervention Network’s proposal is an anti-genocide legislation tracker and widget system developed by Rootwork<. In an interview with GI-NET’s Ben Drexler, Aida McArthur asks:

AM: What is the main challenge your staff is experiencing?

BD: Finding an adequate means of transmitting the actions they are able to
create based upon their analysis. Our traditional means of disseminating
this information is via e-mail or phone contact, but desire a faster means
of communicating to a wider audience to be able to mobilize phone calls from
activists on a faster turnaround basis.

I’ll be continuing to post articles focusing on some of the featured projects — the NetSquared blog< is a great place to follow along as well.
Some images from the NetSquared featured project carnival<:

Green Map< MapLight.org< KnowMore.org Firefox extension< Genocide Intervention Network's anti-genocide legislation tracker<